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Lionic selects PLDA IP for their new Generation ePavis II Security Solution



Easy integration and robust functionality of the PLDA PCI Express® IP provides the high-performance and cost-effective PCI Express interface required for Lionic’s design success

November 16, 2009 – PLDA, the industry leader in the high-speed bus IP market, announced that Lionic will launch their ePavis II robust PCI Express-based solution, incorporating PLDA’s XpressRich2 PCI Express ASIC IP. Lionic, a leading provider of high performance connectivity solutions for consumer, industrial and computing applications, used the PLDA XpressRich2 PCI Express IP to provide PCI Express interconnect within their host controller, helping to enable throughput of up to 2.5 Gbps.

According to Roger Chien, CTO at Lionic, “LIONIC first introduced the ePavis security content inspection co-processor in Nov. 2005 with the PLDA PCI core embedded and the product was successfully adopted in the small business UTM market. Because we found the silicon IP from PLDA to be robust and easy to integrate, we chose to adopt their PCI Express IP core in new generation ePavis II solution, which will provide double the performance at similar cost to the customer. The ePavis II solution will be available in July 2010”.

"Lionic products consistently provide a high speed/ cost efficient solution with minimal memory and signature maintenance requirements," commented Jean-Yves Brena, CEO of PLDA, "Across our entire interconnect product line, which includes PCI Express, USB3 and AMBA products, we strive to deliver the solid design and comprehensive support required by leading companies like Lionic.”

PLDA PCI Express ASIC IP Product Availability:The PLDA PCI Express ASIC IP product is available to ASIC customers today. Please contact PLDA directly for immediate evaluation at

About PLDA
PLDA designs and sells a wide range of ASIC and FPGA interconnect solutions including bus controllers and SoC IP. The company offers complete solutions, including semiconductor IP, hardware, software, and design services. Founded in 1996, PLDA is privately owned. The company maintains offices in San Jose, California and headquarters in France and has a strong international distribution network.

About Lionic
Lionic Corporation was founded in November 2003 by a group of R&D experts and professional managers. Lionic makes its own decisions to provide customers a total solution which includes acceleration content inspection co-processors, software modules and signature services. Lionic Corporation is an innovative network security solution company. It provides optimal cost-performance solutions for network routers and security appliances.

Lionic ePavis™ is a family of content inspection co-processors designed to offload computing-intensive operations from the CPU, leaving the CPU free to perform less urgent operations such as management, firewall protection and other related functions. The Lionic ePavis™ family delivers guaranteed high performance content inspection in the hardware level ranges from 30Mbps to 1.6Gbps. With several types of extension cards available, getting started is as easy as simply choosing your interface.