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Products: Audio Encoders, Audio Edcoders, Sample Rate Converters, Audio Interfaces, and Data Compression


Coreworks® S.A. is a leading provider of Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) for multi-standard
multimedia equipments, such as smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, HD/UHD TV, etc. 

Our portfolio includes digital audio encoders and decoders for Dolby Digital, Advanced Audio Coding
(AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, and AAC-XLD), and MPEG-1/2 Layers 1/2. Additionally, Coreworks also
provides interfaces for some standard audio formats (e.g. SPDIF, TDM, and I2S), which enables the design
of complete audio systems. These IP cores have been implemented in a wide variety of technologies, for
more than 30 customers worldwide. 

Coreworks' products rely on SideWorks™, a patented technology for automatically creating pre-silicon
configurable and post-silicon reconfigurable hardware accelerators. These products achieve three to five
times more efficiency in terms of silicon area and energy consumption, compared to the competition. 

Coreworks was founded in 2001 by two professors of the Technical University of Lisbon (IST) doing research
on Reconfigurable Computing at the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering R&D (INESC-ID). The
company received an A-series investment round from Espírito Santo Ventures in 2006, and three R&D grants
from the Portuguese government.